Land Based Casinos are Going Online

Land Based Casinos are Going Online

UNITED STATES – The last couple of years in the U.S. there has been a growing trend of land based casinos going online and setting up real money casino sites. Now sportsbooks are getting set on the web most recently by some major players.

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In this article Online Casino Suite takes a closer look at whats happening and who are the big players involved in this modern era digital gold rush.

Players of all kinds have been flocking to virtual casinos in hopes of making their fortune for some and just for a great time of entertaining gambling for others. Blackjack and Poker players are known to be skilled at their craft so the gaming sites margin are lower with these players than they are with online slot games most specifically.

World famous casino companies such as Hard Rock International have set up both online casinos for real money at and free-to-play social casino at For me personally, Hard Rock has some of the best and most entertaining casinos so giving them a try is a no brainier in my opinion.

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The Great Rush of Online Casinos

2020 will be the year of “The Great Rush” as more land based gambling companies move their operations to the internet and set up a rapidly growing number of real money internet casinos.

There are now 14 states in the United States that allow online gambling to people locates in-state boundaries.

Making the stakes even higher, many states are rushing to set up online sports betting regulations. By the end of the year in 2020 we could see potentially 1/2 of the United States operating legal online gaming sites and sportsbooks are high up on the gambling operators list of top priorities.

Finding Online Casinos that Payout

You can rely on to help you find legit, licensed, trustworthy casinos that payout all winners fairly and on time.

The OCSuite team takes our business of rating internet casino sites with a careful approach to ensure we don’t point you to any places not on the up-and-up. I promise to only write online casino reviews of i-net casinos that have proven the test of time and are well know by the industry to be among the best operators in the iGaming world.

A few Recommended Casino Sites

The casinos that we’ve reviewed and approved here have some of the very best online casino payouts that you’ll see on the net.

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