OCS Privacy Policy

Online Casino Suite (OCS) - Privacy Policy

Our website is Online Casino Suite (OCS) and can be found online at www.onlinecasinosuite.com.

OCS was build and developed using Google Sites.

Who we share data with

Online Casino Suite shares data usage from visitors of the OCS website with Google.

We don't sell your data

OnlineCasinoSuite.com may collect email addresses and other personal contact information through contact forms on our website. We do not sell your personal data collected to any third parties. Your personal privacy is respected and kept private & secure by OCS at all times.

Advertising Disclosure

OnlineCasinoSuite.com provided advertising & marketing services to the online casinos listed on OCS. We can earn income though these advertisements and its how we keep the business lights on.

Ages 21+ Only

You must be at least 21 years old to make use of onlinecasinosuite.com (OCS).