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Spam Policy operates an Anti-Spam policy according to the precepts of, in suit of industry best practices and other like-minded, responsible online gaming websites.

We do not base our policy on the Federal Trade Commission’s CAN-SPAM Act, as the CAN SPAM Act is just that – an act that permits the activity of spamming, so long as certain requirements are met, such as the inclusion of an opt-out link within the body of the email, non-misleading subject lines, a valid phone number and return email, and minimum time threshold for updating opt-out requests. The CAN-SPAM Act does NOT, however, prohibit unsolicited messages to email addresses that have not been willingly shared by said email address owners.

In line with, OnlineCasinoSuite will never send unsolicited emails to recipients who have not willingly shared their email address via our forum, newsletter or internal email service. Email addresses used to verify and leave comments on the Online Casino Suite blog are not collected, nor will be used to send unsolicited emails, unless a situation arises in which the email address owner’s personal welfare is at stake, i.e. matters pertaining to withdrawals or casino dispute mediations, and all other attempts at making contact have been exhausted.

Subscribers to the Online Casino Suite Newsletter can opt-out at any time by either clicking the unsubscribe link located at the footer of each emailed newsletter or by sending an email to suite [at] from the email address on record, with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject heading.

Online Casino Suite does not attest to the validity of Spam policies practiced by third party websites linked to from However, all online casinos listed and reviewed at OCS are required to enforce strict anti-spam policies, and to require the same of their third party affiliates. Please report any suspicion of spam activity propagated by casinos or affiliates of casinos listed at to complaints [at]

Please note the existence of website email hacks, aka, Joe Job’s. Using the email address of another website to send spam, a Joe Job is a black-hat technique used to take down competitor websites. If you believe that you have received a spam email from Online Casino Suite, please forward the email to complaints [at] before reporting the email as spam, and so we can investigate the possibility of a Joe Job. Needless to say, online gambling is prone to criminal activities, and there are plenty of bad guys out there who would like to take out independent portals committed to responsible gaming and best practice standards such as Yours Truly.